Classmates E-G

Laura Eggleston Martinez

Ernest George Eiting, Jr.

Mary Frances
Ellena Hargrove

5 Apr 2006

Mary Lou Elliot Fuller

Alan Jeffrey Ennis

Karen Erhardt Scherubel

Dora Escanuelas

Ronald "Frank" Escobar

John Esslinger
b. 14 July 1946 d. 3 July 1998

Phyllis Evans Puttman

Jerry Fagan 

Phillip Farmer

John Federoff

Dave Feinman

Melissa Felsch Robinson

Dan Ferguson

Steve Ferguson

Allen Ferris

Eddie Al Fields

Gayle "Gus" Files

Roland “Rollie” Glen Fingers

Wayne Robert Flohr
1 Feb 2008

Senorina Flores

John Foody

Juanita Forbess

Judy Fay Foronda
18 Aug 1994

Duncan Fox

William "Bill" Wilfred Francis, Jr.

Bonnie Franklin Gray

Karen Frazier Johnson

Judi Frost Brown
12 Dec 2012

Virginia Fuentez Martinez

Janice Fuller Finazzo

Joe Fuller

Vilma Gabaldo Boroch






Dorothy Gakle Wood

Tom Gallinger

Linda Galloway Welty

Judi Gandy Flohr Fox

Mary Garcher Pierce
22 Feb 1997

Nancy Gates Baumann

Patricia Giardina Potter

Carolyn Gibson

1 May 2001

Sandy Gielow Brown

Fred Giffin

Melanie Giffin

Steve Gilbert

Roy Gillum
9 Jan 2011

Pat Gilson Hall

Susan Glazier Stansberry

Sherry Glavinick
has bio

Chester Gleason

Patricia Goddard Wilson

Arthur Chavez Gonzales
17 May 1996

Ray Gonzales
18 June 2017

Patricia Gowan Wilson

Stuart Graves

Susan Gray

Debbie Griggs Benson

Bill Grigsby

Howard Guerrero

Larry Guerrero

Dr. James L. Guinn, DVD

Photos are taken from our sophomore through senior yearbooks

Missing Classmates Listed in red

The biggest challenge in putting together a reunion is finding our classmates. We appreciate those who have helped us in locating the many who were missing and did not have an address for. Unfortunately, there are new ones added to the list since the last reunion. Please take the time, check your resources, and see if you can help us in locating these missing persons.

If you are among the missing listed on this page or if you are able to help us locate others that are listed, please contact us with an up-to-date mailing address and email address.

Adding Photos and Biography

Anyone wishing to add to personal photos and/or a Bio to their page, please contact us. There is plenty of room on each individual’s photo page to add pictures from your life, your family, your work environment, your hobbies and past times. This is a great opportunity to show off your grandchildren.

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