30-year Reunion

The thirty year reunion was held on Saturday, September 17, 1994 at 6:00 PM. where a total of 188 attended, 122 were classmates, for dinner and dancing at the historical Padua Hills Theatre in Claremont. This was the first reunion to include a Friday night, informal get together preceding the main reunion on Saturday. It was such a great success, held at Griswolds in Claremont, that it has been included as part of all the future reunion weekend packages since. The reunion committee for this reunion included:

Virginia Aguilar Riley
Laurel Allen Ryan
Sunnie Bishop Jung
Michelle Bridgford Maxwell
Sharon Burks McClinton
Janet Burlingame Curtis
Jill Cutler Pounders
Cheri Jaeger Potechin
Susan Johnson Sharp

Mike Kester
Dennis Martin
Diane Martin
Margie Raya Torrence
Christine Remington Webb
Ron Tenoglio
Sheila Thacker Swartz
Rosalind Thomas Heaps

View Pictures of the Reunion: