Class of 1964

Most Likely
to Succeed

ASB President,
Brian Campbell
Pep Commissioner,
Barbara Baumgart

Who are they?
Wow! they changed so much!
I donít recognize anyone!
What did they look like?
They havenít changed one bit!

Are these your reactions
 at the reunions?

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Missing classmates
are listed in red

Class of 1964:
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C - D
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L - M
N - R
S - T
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Best Dancers

Pam Theall,
Plaid Press staff
Jim Roossien,
Victor member

Most Talented

Jerry Jones
Susannah Brown

Most Intelligent

Barbara Beard, Parthian &
John Bagby, ASB Ad-Man

Contributed Most

Randy Michael,
Senior Class President
Debby Smith, Social Chairman

Best Personalities

John Perry,
Hielan Editor-in-Chief
Pat Randles,
Girls League President

School Spirit

Debbie Griggs
Bill Grigsby,
both varsity yell leaders,
raising victory flags
on victory pole

Most Athletic

Competing in marbles
Dave Shoji, football, basketball, & baseball
Sue Smiderle, track

Friendliest Seniors

Carilyn Gibson,
varsity song leader
Mike Blessent,
varsity track team member

Best Looking

Yvonne Ayala,
Homecoming Queen,
Junior Year
Gary Katona,
football & baseball star

Wittiest Seniors

Eric Alexander
Bonnie Kimball

Most Popular

not with each other

Norm Hawkins,
Key Club President
Marlene Paris,
song leader

Senior Senate

Top Row: Marlene Paris, Judy Thompson, John Bagby, Julie Haaland, & Jane Skewis.

2nd Row: Susie Jensen, M.F. Ellena, Barbara Beard,
Pat Callaway,
Sherry Glavinick, & Eileen Laub.

3rd Row: Cheri Jaeger, Laurel Allen, Sheila Clack, Susannah Brown, C.C. Alvarado, & Janice Fuller

Bottom Row: Betty Croghan, Lornie McCorkindale, Randy Michael, & John Perry.

Missing are: Wayne Harmon, DeVaughn Kissick, & Elmarie Mayfield.