Eileen Laub Bereki


Marty Bereki
12/26/1946 to 9/24/2007

With aloha and thanks, I want to convey to friends and family how blessed I was to have Marty in my life for 12 wonderful years of marriage, and 3 years of dating prior to our wedding date of May 6, 1995.

Marty was adored by all - kind, loving, giving, friendly, caring, devoted to his family and me.  He always was willing to lend a hand to anyone for anything.   Dear friends of ours told him many years ago “always smile and wave at everyone”. He never forgot that and it became his motto. He would wave at neighbors passing by, wave at his co-workers, and give everyone his endearing smile.

On October 5, 2000 we arrived on Maui to pursue our dream of living here, designing and building our home and just enjoying the island. October 5, 2007 was the 7th anniversary living on Maui.  We did not know a single person seven years ago, but when I gazed at the many who gathered at his memorial, I knew we were so blessed to have touched so many lives, and so many lives that had touched ours.

In June of this year, Marty was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The news hit us both like a ton of pineapples, but we pursued treatment, doctors, etc. We had a wonderful urologist/oncologist on Oahu who said Marty was a good candidate for neo-bladder surgery. This entailed removing the bladder, making a new one from part of his small intestine, connecting the kidneys and the urethra to the new bladder.  On August 17, he came through 6 ½ hours of surgery with flying colors, came back to Maui on day 13 after surgery, cancer free, and started his road to recovery. 

On Sept 14, he began to have a fever and slight chills.  I took him to Kaiser urgent care, where the urologist examined him and admitted him to the hospital because he had a slight infection in his new bladder. The Dr. said there would be bumps on the road to recovery and this was a small bump. Six days later he returned home and was feeling great – bouncing around the house, doing small chores, helping my brother with a cabinet project, just being his usual self again.  On Sunday, Sept 23, he bbq’d ribs for us, I made a lemon pie for my brother and Marty and we had a wonderful Maui day.  Shortly after midnite, he went to the bathroom, returned to his side of the bed, and suffered a heart attack. The Paramedics arrived quickly, but he was already with the Lord.

The following Saturday, Sept. 29, we had a beautiful memorial service at the Four Seasons Resort where he had been the Grounds and Landscape Supervisor for 7 years.  They took me, Marty’s son Scott, and my son Jason out to the ocean in the hotel’s canoe; other canoes took family members as well. We scattered his ashes, and orchids in the beautiful ocean that he loved.  His landscape crew sang the Doxology a-cappella, and in Hawaiian, and when we returned to the shore, we gathered in a large circle, held hands, and sang Aloha Oe.

I am forever grateful for the generous monetary donations on Marty’s behalf, and the beautiful flowers, and aloha that was extended to my family and me at this time. May you always smile and wave at everyone, share the aloha spirit, and remember Marty.

Mahalo Nui Loa,