2016 Mini Reunion

The 2016 Mini Reunion for the UHS Class of 1964 was held in the Vineyard Room at the Holiday Inn Airport located at 2155 East Convention Way, Ontario, CA from 5:30 - 10:30 PM on Saturday, September 17, 2016. There were about 5 tables, each had 8 to a table and all were full or almost full. It was a great turnout with almost 40 in attendance and lots of fun just visiting.

The 55-year reunion will be in April 2019. We are aiming for Friday & Saturday, April 26 & 27. So be sure to save the date and plan to attend. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Duncan Fox and date

Elainne Hudson Edwards & Richard Wise

Ken & Ginger Conklin More 

Rosalind Thomas Duckworth & John Duckworth

Sam Rotter

John Cherry

John Duckworth & Marsha Becker LaDam

Ginger Conklin More & Karen

Ken & Ginger Conklin More 

Marsha Becker LaDam

Standing: Warren Williams
Dr. R. Steve Valdez & Jack Davis

Phyllis Born Cole & Lynnette Breazeale Short

John Duckworth & Russ Robertson

Phyllis Born Cole & Rosalind Thomas Duckworth

LaVerna Fagan & John & Rosalind Thomas Duckworth

Ken & Ginger Conklin More & Karen Erhardt Scherubel

Cheri Jaeger Potechin with
Joe & Cordy Ramos

Dorothy “Dottie” Gakle Wood

Elainne Hudson Edwards

Christina Razo Tanner & Ron Tanner
Joe A. Ramos & Cordy Ramos

Cheri Jaeger Potechin & Richard Wise

Marsha Becker LaDam & Connie Tull Palombo

Richard Wise & Cheri Jaeger Potechin

Cheri Jaeger Potechin & Richard Wise

Marsha Becker LaDam & Virginia Aguilar Riley

Phyllis Born Cole, Ann Wucherpfennig Davis,
Christina Razo Tanner & Anna Hernandez Chavez

Sam Rotter, Cheri & John Cherry

Dottie & Elainne

Photos on this page were taken by Tony Cole and donated by Phyllis Born Cole

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