The Reunion

The Reunion

So long ago, and far away
When we were all so young
Tearing through the high school halls
We were filled with love and fun.

And now comes our reunion
Old friends I'll see at last
Excitement fills my mind with joy
My heart is beating fast.

I arrive and I am mystified
I see no one I know
Could these strangers in this place
Be my friends from long ago?

Someone asks my name
Then sticks a name tag on my dress
She hugs me hard and whispers
"It's so good to see you Bess!"

I sneak a look at her tag
And shocked I am to see
This tiny white haired lady
Had been such a friend to me!

I scan the room looking for
A boy that I once knew
I'm looking for black curly hair
And eyes that sparkled blue.

I'm talking, wandering, laughing
Reading name tags as I go
Searching for that special one
That I loved so long ago.

At last, I read his name tag
And my eyes rise to his face
His eyes still blue and sparkling
But of hair...there is no trace!

But in my eyes I soon discover
They look the same as way back then
So we'll laugh and dance this night away
For we may never meet again.

~ Charlotte Anselmo ~