Classmate Bios & Photos

Bios from past reunions (40th & 45th) and those submitted recently have been added to individual classmate pages as the permission to do so have been received through the years. No bio of a classmate will be posted on the website unless permission to do so is received. Please contact us to:

            • Submit your bio to be posted.
            • Individual & Family Photos - please send as jpeg or let us scan them
            • Edit and/or update your individual bio
            • Have your bio deleted from the website

The following classmates have individual pages with their bios, photos and/or class messages:


Yvonne Ayala Lopez

Melinda Bacol Montilla

Bob Beezley

Lynnette Breazeale Short

 Susannah Brown Bianchi

Sue Caffrey McMahill

Diann Carr Branton

Rick A. Champion

Anita Ginger Conklin More

Jill Cutler Pounders

Bill Doub

Beth Downey Hudson

Karen Frazier Johnson

Linda Galloway Welty

Sherry Glavinick

Debbie Griggs Benson

Shirley Heavlin Adsit

Anna Hernandez Chavez

Elainne Hudson Edwards

Anna Ketley Becker

Eileen Laub Bereki

Richard "Dick" Leffler

Cheri Jaeger Potechin

Sue Jensen Christiansen

Shirley McKenna Gasparin

Rand Michael

Marshall Miller

Dennis Myskow

Pandora Nash-Karner

Leslie Olson Nielson

Carol Papsdorf Hansen

Suzie Pavsek Buse

Gloria Perez Rios

Allen Prosio

Joe Ramos

No Class Photo Available

Christina Razo Tanner

Christine Remington Hall

Kayte Ryann

Sylvia Serrano Hernandez

Robert Sifuentes

Ed Simonsen

Nancy Swift Sails

Dolores Taylor Seidel

Dick Thoma

Rosalind Thomas Duckworth

Susan Valentine Whitten

Dennis L. Wolf

Ann Wucherpfennig Davis

Bill Zabala















Adding Photos and Biography

Anyone wishing to add to personal photos and/or a Bio to their page, please contact us. There is plenty of room on each individualís photo page to add pictures from your life, your family, your work environment, your hobbies and past times. This is a great opportunity to show off your grandchildren.

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Or email us at contact@uhs1964.com