Linda Galloway Welty


Linda Galloway Butler
May 2007

Facebook Post
June 8, 2021

Janice Hook is with Lawrence Welty.

It’s with a heavy heart I learned today that my friend Linda Welty passed yesterday. She had the same kind of cancer I have. God gave me the good fortune of meeting her interestingly on Friday the 13th the day I found out that my liver was full of tumors, And I was incurable. I was at work and of course pretty devastated. Her husband Larry, was my patient she came into the office that day with him. As she sat there with him she flushed, I said oh is that from Hormones? She said no it’s from cancer€¦ I said what kind of cancer? She said Carcinoid my mouth dropped open and I said you’ve got to be shitting me. It’s so rare it’s exactly what I had. From that point forward we were friends I felt like God sent me her as my guide, she helped me so much. I was so grateful to have her. She fought so hard and was always positive. She always held out her hand to me. And although it breaks my heart more than most will ever know we spoke of our love for each other just a few days before she left the world. I will continue my fight I go in to do the second half of my treatment with Chemo this time on the 15th. I’m not just fighting for me I’m fighting for you Linda I continue our fight for both of us. I love and miss you my friend. Thank you so much for your strength and guidance. You are forever in my heart.

Linda’s 6 Grandchildren
April 2007