Classmates U-Z






Wes Urbanec

Ralph “Steve” Valdez

Della C. Valedez Rangel

Jay "John" Joseph Valencic

Susan P. Valentine Whitten

Walter Vancil

Catherine P. Vandevelde Martin

Mary M. Vasquez Trujillo

Susan D. Vavrinek Aecomazzo

Edward B. Velasquez

Nancy Vennum Omotoy
12 Oct 1975

Margaret A. Vernaci Giangregorio

David L. Vestal, Jr.

Randy Vickers

Rosie Viramontez Gavaldon

Frederick "Fred" A. Volpendesta

Sharon Wade

James "Jim" Waggoner

Betsey A. Walker Hilbe

James Francis Walker

Sharon A. Walker Brooks

Sonja K. Walker

Valerie J. Wallack Hart
6 Nov 2018

Guy Waller

Sally J. Warner

Stanley D. Warner, Jr.

Kathleen "Kathy" E. Watts

Larry J. Webb

Denyse W. Weber Chimenti

Raymond E. Welborn

Tony R. Weldon

Bob Wells

Don Wenger

LuAnn Wessely Tucker

Turdy M. Wetzler Campbell

Barton White

George White

Susan L. White Morrison

James Stephen Whitford
3 Feb 1994

Karen L. Wightman Machasick

Rex Sanborn Wignall

Vincent Wilde

Jimmie Wilkins

Jennifer Ann Willard Straub

James A. Williams

Steve Williams

Warren James Williams

Delores Wilson McFadden

Janice Lee Wilson






Jonathan “Jon” M. Wilson

Richard Wilson

Richard M. Wise

Heidi Wolcott

Dennis L. Wolf
has bio

Roger Wolf

Tom Woodling






Nim Woodring

William "Bill" L. Woodward
30 Nov 2018

Darlene Sue Wright

Ann M. Wucherpfennig Davis
has bio

Susan Wymore Slater

Jason Allen Yaple
28 Aug 1984

Stephen "Steve" D. Yatsko


Camera Shy










Robert M. Ybarra

Cathy Kristine Young
Van Note

Robert William "Bill" Zabala

Gloria Zibell Rains

Mike Zievers

James Zitterkof


Photos are taken from our sophomore through senior yearbooks

Missing Classmates Listed in red

The biggest challenge in putting together a reunion is finding our classmates. We appreciate those who have helped us in locating the many who were missing and did not have an address for. Unfortunately, there are new ones added to the list since the last reunion. Please take the time, check your resources, and see if you can help us in locating these missing persons.

If you are among the missing listed on this page or if you are able to help us locate others that are listed, please contact us with an up-to-date mailing address and email address.

Adding Photos and Biography

Anyone wishing to add to personal photos and/or a Bio to their page, please contact us. There is plenty of room on each individual’s photo page to add pictures from your life, your family, your work environment, your hobbies and past times. This is a great opportunity to show off your grandchildren.

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