Classmates A-B

Juana Abarca

Pamela Abbey

LaVern Abeyta

Oralia Accosta

May 2018

Anna Marie Aguilar Pounders

Virginia Aguilar

Eric Alexander

Laurel Allen “Ryan

Sue Allen Hollingshead

Thomas Allen

Grace Almazan

Dr. Ace Alsup

Cecilia Alvarado

3 Nov 1991

Claudia Ammons Roth

Michael Andrade

Ray Angel

Marguerite Archibald deceased
9 Jul 2000

Wayne Arington

Diane Armstrong Battersby

Nancy Armstrong Elkins

Ruben Arvizu

Richard Ayala
29 Mar 1964

Yolanda Ayala Aliberta

Yvonne Ayala Lopez

Cory Aylor
26 Aug 2006

Melinda Bacol Montilla

Merrie Bacot Cathcart

Susan Baer

John Bagby

Carol Bailey

Mike Bailey

Susan Ball

Vicki Barbee Bishop

Janice Barira Martinez

Debbie Basye

Janice Batson Plescia

Keith Baumback

Barbara Baumgart Foley

Barbara Beard Bonillas

Wayne Beardsley

Craig Beck

Marsha Becker Ladam

Theresa Beckwith

Jim Beekman

Bob Beezley

Donna Bein

Larry Bein

Lonna Bein

Suzanne Belmontes Cantu

Ken Benesh

John Bermudez

Manuel Bernudez
3 Aug 2018

Rosalie Billings Mazurok

Sunnie Bishop Jung

Dick Bittner

Donald Bittner
15 Apr 1990

Richard Black

Derwin Blackwood

Ray Blanchard

Mike Blessent

Ted Bobrink

Jane Boehm Anderson

Phyllis Born Cole

Alvin Boser

Richard Bowden

Ray Brancacio

Lynnette Breazeale Short

Michelle Bridgford Maxwell

Ian Brodie

Jon L. Brookman
16 Apr 1993



Susannah Brown Bianchi

Arthur Brownless

James Bruce

Ramona “Mona” Buenrostro Escobar

Kathryn Buretta Bein

Sharon Burks McClinton
19 Jan 2020

Janet Burlingame Curtis



Carol Burns

Lyle Bush

Cheryl Butler

Tom Butler

Bill Byrd



Photos are taken from our sophomore through senior yearbooks

Missing Classmates Listed in red

The biggest challenge in putting together a reunion is finding our classmates. We appreciate those who have helped us in locating the many who were missing and did not have an address for. Unfortunately, there are new ones added to the list since the last reunion. Please take the time, check your resources, and see if you can help us in locating these missing persons.

If you are among the missing listed on this page or if you are able to help us locate others that are listed, please contact us with an up-to-date mailing address and email address.

Adding Photos and Biography

Anyone wishing to add to personal photos and/or a Bio to their page, please contact us. There is plenty of room on each individual’s photo page to add pictures from your life, your family, your work environment, your hobbies and past times. This is a great opportunity to show off your grandchildren.

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