Classmates S-T

Rosemarie Salaiz Guerrero

Rosemary Salinas Ashley

Mary Esther Sanchez Ballesteros
23 Jul 2008

Dave Sarve

James Saunders

Sandra Scarborough Kimball

Irma Louise Schmutz
29 Jan 1966

Susie A. Scoville Pope

John F. Scudder

George Sebesta
25 Mar 1962

Jaak Sepp

Marilyn Sergeant

Sylvia Serrano Solano

Robert Sevilla

Donna Sharp Karr

Forrest Gene Sharp

Vickie Sharp Davee
7 July 2022

Mike Shelby

Dave Shoji

David Showalter

Robert Sifuentes
has bio

Edwin E. Simonson
7 Nov 2014

Jane E. Skewis Harris

Charlotte Skoglund Macken

Bill Skovgaard
4 Oct 2014

Sue Smiderle Kawahara

Bonnie Smith

Debbie Smith White

Janet Smith Grush

Jeri Smith Karp
30 Apr 2015

Patricia Smith


Richard J. Smith

Tony Delira Solorio
1 Jan 1990

Gale Sorensen

Letia Sos Robertson

Kathy L. Spencer

Earlene Sperry Long

Ardel L. Stahl

Maggi Stamm

Diane Standage

John H. Standifird

Laurel A. Stark

Linda Stawicki Cunningham

Catherine Stebritz Rush
16 Apr 1996

Janie Steen

Paula Stephens

John Stewart

Wendell C. Stout

Thomas L. Strabley

Janet M. Strickland

Connie P. Sullivan

Richard Z. Sura

James Patrick “Pat” Suter

David S. Svare

Karl D. Swartz

Jane L. Swartzendruber

Nancy Swift Sails
has bio

Donald David Swihart, Jr.

Lili Swoboda

Marlin W. Tatom

Carol Taylor

Dolores Taylor Seidel

Phillip Taylor






Thomas L. Taylor

Tom Taylor

James M. Tedeschi

Ron D. Tenoglio
21 May 2011

George Terranova

Dean Tessin

Sheila D. Thacker Loving

Pamela Jean Theall Sharp

Richard “Dick” C. Thoma

James Thomas

Rosalind R. Thomas Duckworth
has bio

Don Thompson

Judith Ann Thompson Haas
8 Oct 1973

Jeff Thorne






Maurice "Maury" Tieman

Bob Todd

Colleen M. Todd Marzek

Sharon Todd Ference

Cassandra "Sandy" F. Tomes Sisk

Vicki R. Torrence Morse

Olivia Torres


Edubiges Torrez

Linda Traver Dickson

Keith Trimble

Raymond "Ray" C. Trujillo
24 Oct 2010

Connie L. Tull Palombo

Marsha Turner


Photos are taken from our sophomore through senior yearbooks

Missing Classmates Listed in red

The biggest challenge in putting together a reunion is finding our classmates. We appreciate those who have helped us in locating the many who were missing and did not have an address for. Unfortunately, there are new ones added to the list since the last reunion. Please take the time, check your resources, and see if you can help us in locating these missing persons.

If you are among the missing listed on this page or if you are able to help us locate others that are listed, please contact us with an up-to-date mailing address and email address.

Adding Photos and Biography

Anyone wishing to add to personal photos and/or a Bio to their page, please contact us. There is plenty of room on each individual’s photo page to add pictures from your life, your family, your work environment, your hobbies and past times. This is a great opportunity to show off your grandchildren.

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