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 7/12/12 Well I finally decided to contact the reunion committee. I had to contact the school for something else so I thought why not I’ve been missing long enough.

I’ve been living in Arkansas for the 8 years working for the Supreme Court. Miss the California weather but I do enjoy the people here.  Hope to hear from you soon. Michelle Bridgeford Maxwell, North Little Rock, AR


 12/25/11 Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!  Susan Valentine Whitten




9/5/2010 Both sad and poignant when we begin losing our classmates. Equally sad that he was still in Upland and nothing is known about him. A good reminder to live every day as if it really matters. Thank you for the update. Pandora Nash-Karner, Los Osos, California



9/5/2010 Thank you, Rosalind. Reminds us how short life actually is. Rand Michael, Oregon




9/5/2010 He (Manuel Cortez) went to Saint Joseph's, at least 4th - 8th grade. Steve Valdez




9/4/2010 Just wanted to let you know that I learned a couple of days ago that classmate Manuel Cortez passed away.  Anna Hernandez Chavez said there was no obit in the paper, only the Stone Funeral Home services notice.  I believe the funeral was just yesterday at St. Joseph's Church, Upland. In our 45-year reunuion book he is listed as living in Upland.  I don't know whether he was married or had family.  If I hear any more - I'll pass it on. Virginia Aguilar Riley


 9/1/10 Just a note to insure that you had the most current information.  Judy and I had to close our business this year.  June 30th was the end of Buzy Beez, Inc..  We fell victim to the bad economy and the availability to find everything on the web at reduced prices.  The correct email address is: bbeezley@reachone.com, our mailing address hasn’t changed.  Hope that all is well in Southern Cal.  Thanks for always keeping us apprised of what is going on. Bob Beezley

 8/10/2010 Hi Everyone! Bob and Judy are up and running as J & B Accounting Service.  Please make note of our email changes and all the other contact changes as well.
   J & B Accounting Service
    1806 Bay Ave., PO Box 516
    Ocean Park, WA 98640
    Mon-Thurs 10am-3pm PST or by appointment
    Phone: 360.665.2935   Thanks so much. Bob & Judy Beezley


7/25/2010 Very late in replying, but thanks for having forwarded this.  Having gone to Central School  in Cucamonga, Kathy and I would occasionally cross paths at the "play days" that were held between the two schools, and I also knew her from the time she was at Upland.
I hope things are going well for you as you have started the new phase of our life.  My wife (Bobbie) and I just had our second grandchild (we were late starters and so are our kids...).  It was a busy spring for us as our two sons who were not married got married and the third son's wife delivered their second child the morning after the oldest son's wedding (naturally, in  a town two hours from where the wedding was).  That was one very busy weekend for us.
One of these days I'll finally get around to sending you a more thorough (and probably boring) update. Ed Hanzlik


7/9/2010 Thanks, Roz.  Wow.  She was my sister-in-law many, many years ago.  How sad. Julie Haaland




7/7/2010 Some sad news to pass on, Kathy Crilly Lotz Marquez, passed away this past Monday, the 5th early in the morning. She attended Alta Loma Elementary, also freshman and sophmore years at Upland High School. Her Jr. and Sr. years were at Claremont High School.
She has had numerous (5) back surgerys in the past few years. Cause not known at this time. She is survived by her husbond Tinker Marquez, three brothers, Budge, Ed, DC. Two sons Matt and Danny.
Kathy and her husbond resided at 423 Carlo Drive, Goleta, California 93117 I have the phone no. if needed. Such a sad loss. Our good old Alta Loma Girl Scout Troup has lost a total of 3 classmates. Have info on service coming in, will send as soon as I get it.
Memorial Services are this coming Monday the 5th at 6:00 at the Shoreline Community Church, 935 San Andreas Street, Santa Barbara, Ca. I have no other info. JoAnn Nuernberger Meneley


2/25/2010 Hi I graduated in 1965 but my sister Janice Fuller graduated in 64. I would be happy to put you in touch with her, or me for that matter! Waiting to hear from you Marsha Fuller Cyphers amarsharose@live.com




2/23/2010 I was friends with Dolores Taylor's brother, Bill, at Upland Jr and Sr High Schools.  I was hoping that you could pass this message along to Dolores.  I haven't heard from Bill since high school graduation.  Just hoping to say "hi."  Maybe he could drop me an email.  Thanks. Alan Jackson, UHS Class of 1968



2/10/2010 I'm trying to contact John Foody who use to be my next door neighbor in Upland.  I have some pictures of his parents that I wanted to forward to him if you can have him contact me at madeline.hurley@hp.com.




 1/17/2010 Got the opportunity to see the reunion video and it "rocks". Lenard did a fantastic job filming and Bill Zabala's editing was super. Great job and I am so glad I attended. This video will be treasured for years to come. Thanks for the hard work. Gosh, 2014 sounds so far away....Leslie Olsen Nielson



 1/12/2010 Received my Reunion Book and DVD.  What a riot the DVD was - looks like some of us had  some drinks - huh?  But also looks like everyone had a great time.  Loved the way you guys did the book with incorporating photos from the reunion itself in it. Thanks once again for all your hard work. Lots of Aloha, Cheri Jaeger Potechin



 1/12/2010 The book and DVD really turned out fabulous. Everyone appreciates all your work! Thanks so much! Ann Wucherpfennig Davis




 1/12/2010 The book was fantastic. Congratulations on a job well done. Take Care and Happy New Year, Bill Zabala




 1/12/2010 Received the reunion book yesterday!  You all did a wonderful job with it!  It certainly was interesting reading about everyone.  Thanks for all your hard work. Nance, Nancy Swift Sails



 1/11/2010 Duncan has alerted me to the contents of the video. I can't wait to see how silly I was on the video. Also, looking forward to the class book. Leslie Olson Nielson




 1/9/2010 I received the reunion book(s) in the mail today. You did a tremendous job! Thank you so much for the hard work we all know you put into the project. I'm sure everyone that ordered one will be pleased with the results. Thank you for your promptness also. Your friend, Ray Gonzales/Class of 64' 



12/11/09 Hey, I was just going through the class message section, and I noticed you were asking about Theresa Beckwith, back in 07' I guess. Yea, I dated her in my Freshman year at Chaffey, she became a truck driver, and was killed in an accident, I don't remember if it was the late 60's, or the Seventies, but I definitely remember reading about it. Anybody who wish's to, can contact me through my Blog, http://cluelessqtrader.blogspot.com/ , I post there every day, lator gator! Richard Hargrave, Utah


12/10/2009 Would like to wish all my high school peeps, a Blessed Christmas,and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year. XXXXOOO Vilma (Gabaldo) Boroch, Ontario, California




Linda Galloway Butler is now Linda Galloway Welty, married on Saturday, Nov 7, 2009. Please see her class page.




10/6/09 Thank you SO MUCH FOR SENDING THESE!!!!!!!!!!! This must have been hysterical.  I really had planned on going to this but.......plans changed and I am to be married to a wonderful man on Nov 7th.  Did not have the time to get to the reunion.... Didn't really recognize many of the people..did notice Letia...have tried to e-mail her but it came back...could you send me her new e-mail address? THANKS AGAIN! Linda Galloway Butler, Washington


10/6/09 Thankyou so much for sharing the photos.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and oh boy, looks like I missed a good time.  Thanks again for all your hard work. Diann Carr Branton, Central California



10/6/09 Hello Roz, I did not see anything which changed the Saturday location from the downtown location of 296 second ave. Didn't bring my lab top so I finally was forced to returned home early...... fyi. Warren Williams, California  

 Reply: Sorry Warren, I had sent out emails, a post card to everyone, as well as putting the updated info on the website about the change. I really did try to get the word out. Bill Doub had a hard time finding us as well, but finally showed up at Upland Hills. The Uplander had sold the business a month after we first signed the contract with them and they didn’t notify us. It was because of classmates who still live and work in Upland that we became aware of the business no longer there. We signed the contract in September or October when I was still in the wheelchair last year. I didn’t find out until March or April when I knew I was fighting cancer. I know I mailed out postcards in August of the change. The email went our earlier than that. I’ll be sending you back your refund for the reunion. Really sorry you were not able to make it. You were greatly missed, Roz.


10/6/09 Thanks Roz.  The photos were fun to look at. I swear, Cheri looks the same as she did in high school. Will she ever age like the rest of us??? Looks like a fun time was had.  I hope lots of classmates were able to attend.  I'd love to hear some of the highlights. It's three o'clock in the afternoon, and I'm still here at school grading papers.  I thought I retired so I didn't have to do that anymore!! Have a great week.  Again, thanks for the photos. I see I have a Facebook invite from David Pedvin in my inbox. I'll have to wait until I go to my cousin's house again in Nashville to read it and respond. Thanks for putting my email address out there. I've heard from several classmates. Love, Jane Skewis Harris, Tennessee :))


 9/26/09 I really appreciate your efforts to help all of us (UHS 1964) to stay in contact through Facebook; however, I am still on dial-up, and wireless availability will not be coming through here for at least another year.  It takes FOREVER to do any networking as I seem to be in a black hole.  So, my request is to PLEASE give my email address to any of my classmates who wish to have it. I am able to email through the school's computers, but they block Facebook.  I've been on my home computer since 5:30 A.M. this morning, and so far I have seen that I have a Facebook message from David Pedvin and my niece, and I've started this email to you - and it's taken an hour and a half!!!!  I'd love to respond to David, but my computer is just SOOOO slow.  My niece I can call.  So, please let David know that I received his invite, and would love to correspond through email at this time.  Any future friends who wish to reconnect with me, please do the same. I imagine that after the reunion, many of our classmates will be communicating once again.
     As for recent updates: Three weeks ago I took my horse to Bluff Dale, TX, for a week-long trail riding clinic on the Extreme Cowboy course. There were 15 of us there from all over the US, and we had a BLAST.  We rode from 8:30 A.M. until 1:00 P.M.; then again from 2:30 P.M. until 7:00 P.M.. I thought my butt would be raw after spending all day in the saddle for a week, but it wasn't. The clinician, Craig Cameron, had us doing my obstacles I know we would never have attempted had we come upon them on the trail. I learned a lot, even though I've ridden and had horses since I was 8 years old. We stayed in wonderful log cabins (with AC of course), and were fed three five-star meals a day. It is a 13-hour trip pulling a horse trailer, so on the way there I stopped in Hope, AR, and spent the night at the fairgrounds where I could let my horse out of the trailer to stretch his legs. My horse trailer has living quarters in it, so I stayed in it. Then the next day on to Bluff Dale, TX.  For the trip home, I left at 4:30 A.M. and just drove the 13 hours home.  It was a long drive, but both my horse and I did fine.  I had such a grand time, I plan on returning to another clinic next year.
     When I arrived home, I had 39 messages from Fairview High School on my answering machine. One of their English teachers had emergency back surgery, and they wanted me to take her classes for the first trimester which ends November 6th. So, back to work I went. I'm teaching senior English and a journalism class. The students have been pretty good, except for a few.  There are always a few! I'm busier than I want to be, and all of this work is cutting in to my riding time now that I'm home.  I am enjoying the staff and school activities. Two nights ago I supervised the building of the senior homecoming float. Boy, have they ever become sophisticated now - animation, blowing smoke, etc.
     I'm sorry to miss the reunion, but I shot my wad ($$$) on the Texas trip. PLEASE give my best to everyone who comes.  I'm sure a good time will be had by all.
     Thanks again for all you do.  Much of this wouldn't be happening without you. Please give my message to David and others who have tried to contact me through Facebook. Love, Jane Skewis Harris, Tennessee   :))


 9/4/09 Thanks, Roz, for the update.  I am sorry that Russ and I will not be able to attend the reunion as Jeremy, our son, will be playing bass guitar at Billy Bob's, Ft. Worth, with Neal McCoy that weekend.  We do not see Jeremy as much as we would like to as he is on tour with Neal, and when he's home in Nashville, he is busy with activities with his wife and son (my grandson is 4 years old now). Jeremy has also appeared many times at the Grand Old Opry.   Rollie's and my daughter, Laurel, and her family (I have an 8 year old grandson and 6 year old granddaughter) live 45 miles away from us.  My grandson plays little league baseball, first base, and I can't imagine where he gets that talent from??? Ha!  Laurel still is in sales with Marriott, and the Marriott Courtyard she works at is three blocks from the new Dallas Cowboys' stadium.  So, she has been to several concerts and preseason games there and says that the stadium is awsome!  She took Russ with her to the Cowboys/49ers game last weekend.  (I'm holding out for a regular season game).  By the way, Rollie and his family are still living in Las Vegas.  We see Rollie every now and then when he comes to Dallas for autograph signing sessions and to see Laurel.   Russ is now Vice-President of Operations with Garda, an armored car service.  Even though I retired in 1998, he is holding out until 2017, God willing.  Russ won't know what to do with himself when retired.  Play golf.  I have no problems being retired!  Amen to that!  I am still busy with handbell and church choirs, sorority, and activities with my grandchildren.  Hope to see y'all at the next reunion.  Thanks, committee, and Roz too for all your hard work.  (It is ok to put this on the web page.  I enjoyed reading-up on everyone.  Hi to Doreen Haley.) Jill Cutler Pounders, Texas


 8/31/09 I guess you could say I'm connected !!  I'm still trying to figure this all out ??!!??  I'm embarrassed to say I'm having a little trouble remembering you, 45 years is a long time, and I was only at Upland 1 year. Send me more info on the reunion, if we're not busy, I might try to make it. We're retired now, living in Lake Havasu City, AZ and loving it. Gail Ruth Sims, Arizona


 Last I heard Alan Ennis was working at the Casino Morongo near Palm Springs.  Maybe you can find him thru the personnel office if he is still there. Sandy Gielow Brown



7/30/09 Well, everyone, our reunion is getting closer! I hope more people try to make the reunion. Life gets away from all of us, and after sadly, and lovingly looking over our Memorials, we can really appreciate just being alive! All of our classmates have traveled a lot of different paths and experienced many happy, sad and interesting events. So, why not travel to Upland and see all the wrinkles, face-lifts and body changes our great class has also experienced! After talking to many people from many backgrounds, I realize we really did and still do, have a GREAT CLASS!!!! I hope everyone is just enjoying life, no matter what life is giving or taking from us. To all. Sharon Burks McClinton, Michigan


7/26/09 I want you to know that I unfortunately won't be able to attend but will leave my new address. . .Corsicana, Texas I retired June 1st after 22 years as the Senior Plumbing Inspector of the City Of Santa Ana. My wife retired from Pomona Unified School District. and we bought a little 3 acre ranch here 50 miles south of Dallas.  Sorry I can't be there but tell Wes Urbanic I said Hi. Wes Mitchell, Texas


7/19/09 Attached are photos of my family in Michigan.  The first photo was a mother's day outing last year with my son in law, Rene and 3 children, Colette, Nicole and Denis.  In the second photo, I have my grandson, James William, in it.  I have been living in Michigan since 1972.  I came first as a graduate student in Sociology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where I met Rene, my present spouse.  I got excited when I ran across the UHS class of 1964 website and that you have been holding reunions.  I am sorry to have missed the past reunions.  I am looking forward to attending the reunion in October, 2009.  Melinda Bacol Montilla, Michigan


4/29/09 Hi to Roz and everybody else on the hardworking committee-- I realized I haven't sent an update with my new name.  At the time of the last reunion I was newly-divorced after 35 years of marriage.  Well, I have since remarried thanks to the help of eHarmony.  (Yes, it really does work!)  My husband is a retired school psychologist and community-college psychology teacher from the Redding area.  He moved up here to Cottage Grove, Oregon, when we married almost two years ago, so my address is unchanged.  One of our joint interests was a love of travel, so now we are spending all our money traveling as fast and far as we can while we are still able to do so. I don't know yet if we will be able to come to the reunion as we have a lot of competing demands of both our families, and I am still working part-time as a nurse until I can qualify for Medicare.  But if I don't make it there I will still enjoy hearing all about what everyone is doing these days.  Thanks for all the good work you do to keep everybody in touch! --Barbara Kaye Beard Bonillas, Oregon


3/29/09 Hi,  I live in Cairo, Egypt with my husband Hussein Eltouni.  My email address is . . . I didn't realize I was on the missing list.  Hope this helps. Pat Clevenger Eltouni, Egypt




1/16/09 Just curious to know why my name is still in "red" on the list of those who belonged to the Class of 64' as I have enclosed information on myself along the way & I have also received emails from your website center? 
Thank you for the great job your are doing to keep those who are interested informed. Ray Gonzales, California

 Reply: Dear Ray, Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It has been in the back of my mind that I need to update those in red that we now have mailing addresses for and change those to red that we no longer have valid mailing addresses for. Life is busy and I just haven't gotten around to keeping the website current this way. I'll get to work on it as soon as I can. Rosalind Thomas Heaps (Roz)


1/11/09 I would like to get my info updated: Susan Valentine Whitten, . . . Waxhaw, North Carolina  cell: . . . Waxhaw is just outside of Charlotte, NC. I moved here about 5 years ago - after being in Atlanta since graduating from Upland. My email address is . . . This site is great!   Thanks for keeping it updated. Susan Valentine Whitten, North Carolina



1/6/09 Hi Rosalind, I am in the midst of my annual 6 months in Vietnam .... your contact info. JUST popped up .... slow service down here! How are you, and where are you these days?!?! Just curious: have you heard from - or know where - Sue Vavrinek (sp?) is ?? Hope you are livin' well, and thanks for your reunion work ... I'll try to get to one (only did the 10 year, so I need to do some catching' up!). All the Best, Ed Reiman, Montana & Vietnam


12/29/08 Hi, Roz Thanks, for the email it will be great to see you again. I have tried repeatedly to RSVP on classmates.com but my name doesn't show up. I think it is because my name is not on the list. Can you or someone else add it to the list? I had the joy of reuniting with Laverne and Prede Middleton in 06 thru Classmates.Com Unfortunately we Lost Laverne last June to Cancer, Class of 65. The thing I have to say is that she never lost that sweet positive attitude that she had back in school. I hear that Johnny Caldera also passed of Cancer in 08. My Husband died of Cancer Dec. 27,2004. Life seems to be a lot of losing. You would not believe the problems I had getting pictures on the computer, I am still learning . I know how to find our year book on UPLAND HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1964.com. Do you know how to find other years? There are some people I would like to view and read their stories. I sure remember the class we had together in Junior High in , Miss Anderson’s class. (I think that was her name) Do you remember that? By for now, take care Carolyn Cowan Scanlon, California


12/19/08 My name is John M. Mishler, Vice President of the Freshmen Class of 1964. Even although I moved to Costa Mesa and graduated from Corona del Mar High School, I have always felt that Upland High School was MY HIGH SCHOOL! Please keep me informed of your activities. Thank you, Professor John M. Mishler, AA, AB, ScM, DPhil(Oxon), FRCPath(Lond), Pennsylvania  


12/12/08 I finally found him . . .  unfortunately . . . NAFTEL, BRUCE V., Birth: 07 Jan 1947, Death: 03 Feb 2004 -- Thank you, July Parker Flowers



12/11/2008 Hi, My name is Judi (Gandy) Fox and I would like to be a part of the upcoming 45th Reunion.  If you need help with the arrangements I would like to help in any way I can.  I have lived out of state for 25 years, returning in December 2004 and living in Fontana.  Thanks to Rosalind Heaps and Duncan Fox, I have contact with friends and former classmates and look forward to getting reacquainted.  Let me know if there is any other information you need from me. I need to inform you that former classmate Wayne Flohr has passed away in November 2004 in Sacramento.  If you would add his name to the In Memorial section of the website, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Judi Gandy Fox, California


11/19/08 What a great site! I enjoyed looking at all the pictures from the past reunions. Decided to check out the message site and totally agree with Gary Katona’s comment regarding “It must be our children attending the reunions as we can’t possibly be that old’! Anyway, over the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to meet and correspond with Lynette and Pat.
   Just a little information about where I have been and what I am doing now. I attended the University of Hawaii, Pre-med major and then returned to California. Decided to roam around Mexico for half a year and then returned to Hawaii. Met and married a military man. We divorced in 1974. I decided to use my pre-med major and entered Nursing. Married my present husband in 1975. I currently live in Bountiful, Utah. I have two daughters and three grandchildren. My oldest lives in Brea, Calif. with the grandkids. My youngest works as a lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am currently working at a hospital in Salt Lake City. I take care of new moms and their babies. Have been doing this for 33 years. I love teaching the new moms how to care for their babies. I am also the Staff Educator on the unit. My plan is to retire in Dec. 09. Thanks for all the work you have done with this site.
Leslie (Olson) Nielson , Utah, class of 1964


10/26/2008 I attach a news release re a Human Rights Award my wife and I recently received. Please feel free to post to the website whatever you deem appropriate . . . and if there is a way to do a link to the full article that would be fine . . . thus those who might want to read the full article could.Thanks! Rand Michael
(Note: Rand’s full article is on his page. Just click on his name.)


10/22/2008 Bruce Naftel is somewhat of a godfather to me.  I have been looking for him for about 10 years now.  Last I knew he was living in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. I have found his name on some fishing tournaments down there.  He moved there in the late '80s. If you find him please pass my contact information on to him and vis versa.  
July (Parker) Flowers


10/16/2008 Dennis Grissom, Class of '59 Some of us have been thinking about having a multi-class Reunion Party in the spring of 2009. I live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. There are a couple nice facilities here. Please let us know if you have any interest in this reunion taking place. Also, let us know if you have any ideas/suggestions for the reunion. Dennis Grissom, Email: dngrissom@npgcable.com. Cell phone: (928) 846-6505. Home phone: (928) 453-5379. Please pass this on to others in your class who are not on Classmates.com. Thanks!! Judy Jackson, Class of '61, Email: Chirpthree@yahoo.com.


9/12/08 I was suppose to take that train today to go see my son/family. Semi Valley is the second to last stop(Moor Park) I could not move my Sat. appts anywhere. Came home and could not believe what I saw. (Train wreck between the Metro and a freight train where over 17 people have died.) For some strange reason by the grace of God, I am still here??? Guess I have a mission?? Glad I am still here. XXXOOO Vilma Gabaldo Boroch, Ontario, California.


7/10/08 My name is Ray Gonzales(Class of 1964). I saw the pictures & the names of those who attended Upland High with us. Ronald Lackey is listed in red as missing. I was a friend of Ronnie & kept in touch with him. He passed away about 9 years ago. His father contacted me after his passing & I was asked to do his memorial services at Forest Lawn in Covina. I am a full time Christian Pastor & that is one of the reasons I was involved in Ronnie's burial service. I hope this information is helpful to you. Thank you for all your hard work.  Respectfully,  Ray Gonzales, California


 4/17/08 My new address is . . . , Upland, CA.  There are so many classmates I would like to contact, mainly those who attended Etiwanda Grammar School during the late 50's.  It was an interesting time in Etiwanda.  Do you have any idea how I could reach these precious friends from the past?


 4/16/08 Hi, Anna Marie Aguilar Pounders here, trying to make contact with the world.  Uhmm, if anyone remembers me, please contact (Jestbeau4@aol.com).  Would like to hear from Jim McGuire, Art Brownless, Valerie Wallack,  and Sharon Walker.  Most of us grew up in the Etiwanda area.  During our growing up years, we all attended Etiwanda Grammar School--the only school in Etiwanda. Well, hopefully I'll hear from someone. TTFN, Anna Marie Aguilar Pounders


 3/19/2008 Jaak Sepp was my gunner flying helicopter gunships in Vietnam. He comes to all our reunions however all his phone numbers have been disconnected and no listings are under his name. We have checked all the va hospitals around san diego and the obits. He had an illness but had been doing great last time I talked to him. My office number is . . . if you here from him, thanks Chuck Carlock


10/25/07 I retired from Active Duty in the Air Force on 1 May 07 and am now working for a couple more years in Civil Service doing civilian personnel work. Not too good about checking my personal e-mail but office is . . . I am staying in San Antonio, TX and permanent address is . . .Linda (Stawicki) Cunningham, Texas


10/20/07 Someone had recently "googled" me and said they found me in high school, so I just had to follow up. What a terrific site! What happened to all the "kids" I went to school with? - it would appear "everyone's parents" are attending the reunions instead. Surely WE could not have aged! Thanks for all the hard work on the site - a fun trip down memory lane! - Gary Katona, California


Sep 07 Aloha, I wanted to let you know this so that you could post it in the way you felt best on our UHS website.
My dear friend and fellow UHS classmate,
Eileen Laub Bereki lost her best friend and loving husband, Marty, on September 24, unexpectedly of a heart attack. They had recently been going through the ordeal of dealing with him having bladder cancer which was discovered in early June. At this time though they were very optimistic. He had had a successful surgery and recently an infection that had been treated and was on the road to recovery. Needless to say this has been devastating to Eileen. Marty was a wonderful man and they were living their dream in Maui. Marty had really enjoyed going to our class reunions with Eileen and they were looking forward to going to our next one. I'm sure all the love, prayers and support of her friends would be appreciated at this difficult time.
Cheri Jaeger Potechin, Hawaii


 8/14/07 The site is great. Thanks so very much for all you do. Ginger More, California





 8/13/07 Hi, I just looked up David Svare's phone number on Whitepages.com and will try to contact him. It still lists his address as being in Nashville. Also, I noticed you spelled his name Sarve; I thought it was Svare.
All is well here in Burns, TN except for the fact that my horse and I fell down a 40 ft. embankment and I ended up with a broken arm. Thank God my horse was not injured. This accident could have been so much worse. Thursday I'm going to Vanderbilt Medical Center and having a plate and screws put in my arm - it was a bad break.
I'm looking forward to Fall and some cooler weather. The humidity hasn't been bad, but the record- setting high temps are oppressive. Today, and the next three days are again supposed to be in the triple digits!
Once again, thanks for all you do for our classmates and functions. I'll let you know if I find out anything about David. Take care, Jane Skewis Harris, Tennessee :))
8/13/07  Hi, I just tried to call David Svare, and found out his phone has been disconnected and the number is no longer in service. Sorry I could not have been more help. Hopefully, he stays in contact with someone who can help you out.  Jane :))


 8/12/07 One of the ways we are able to stay in contact with each other is by email. If you change your email address, please let me know. The email addresses for the following classmates have bounced back. If you are in contact with any of these people, please forward this message on and have them contact me with their updated email address.
  David Swihart          David Sarve          Chris Remington Hall
  Ed Fields                John Foody           Dolores Taylor Seidel
                     Wes Urbanec           Terry LaPorte
Thanks so much, Roz.


7/31/07  I received your email asking for my present address. My address is: . . . Fontana, CA. I appreciate the time & effort you are making to make it possible for class members to keep in touch and to find out information about their high school days. Thanks, Ray Gonzales, California, Class of 64



7/25/07  Rod and I moved in January to a newly built home. I've preferred to do my own landscaping with the help of our excavator and now our finish carpenter. We have beautiful views of the Willamette Valley and also the coastal range from our windows and 1 acre of landscaping. I also accepted a university teaching position along with my testing of international students (I now work for 3 international companies and am about to add a 4th.), I'm just getting my "head above water". I enjoy a lot more time off than when I worked a 40hr.+ week as a teacher in the public schools, but at my age--I do all important "paper work" twice. Colleagues my age do the same! Anna Ketley Becker, Hillsboro, Oregon


 7/23/07 Hi, was just looking over the UHS Class site. Very nice. I know a little bit about Irma Louise Schmutz passing.  She was in our girl scout troop. A good friend, we went through elementary school and of course high school together.  She had a baby just after graduation. A little girl.   I do know that she passed of reverse thyroid not sure on spelling of that word. I was pregnant with our first son Steven when I attended her funeral. Steven was born  on August 2, 1966. So it must have been some time in  May, June or July. Her husband remarried and moved to one of the northern states, but I do remember hearing that they kept in touch with Irma’s parents (who lived in Alta Loma) and brought the little girl for visits. Irma is buried at Bellview in Ontario. You might find more information or next of kin from them. Irma had brothers, who were older. I am sure her parents have passed, but not sure when her brothers graduated, from UHS.
   Rich (Meneley) grew up with Wendall Owens. We heard that he was an airline detective, but was not killed in an air accident but an auto accident, either in New York or Florida, believe it was Florida, will look in old year books for information, hope I wrote it down. JoAnn Nuernberger Meneley, Wrightwood, California.  


7/22/07 Please do not be afraid of sending us classmate information, even if it is wrong. We have had two classmates contact us after we have been told that it was believed they had died. Jaak Sepp was thought to have been in a fatal car accident shortly following graduation and Dennis Wolf was thought to have passed away sometime after our 10 year reunion. If it wasn’t for the mistakes, these two classmates most likely would not have contacted us to let us know they are still alive and kicking, that their body temp is still normal, and that they are still on top of the world instead of in it. We are doing everything we can to verify the passing of our classmates, that is why their death dates and places have been included on the memorial page. We are still trying to find verification for the deaths of: Theresa Beckwith, Irma Louise Schmutz and Bill Francis and would like to have the place of death for Wendell Owens. Information on their deaths has not been found on the Social Security Death Index, the California Death Index or the Vietnam War Death Index. Sometimes it is just a matter of knowing the woman’s married name at the time of her death to find the correct information. We also appreciate classmates and family members who have sent us obituary notices and have been adding those to our website. Thanks again for all your help and support, Rosalind Thomas Heaps, Riverside, California.


7/22/07 Bill Zabala sent me the notice below. Don't know where Patty got her info, but I've heard the story before. Please be assured I am alive, doing well and residing in Redlands, CA with my wife of 21 years, Chung Sun (photo attached). We've been back in the good ole USA since 2001 after almost 11 years in Saudi Arabia & 3 years in Korea. I retired from Hughes Aircraft Co./Raytheon after 27.5 years in 2002 and have been with Johnson Controls Federal Systems, mostly in 29 Palms (MCAGCC), but also worked at Ft. Irwin & the Los Alamitos JFTB since hiring. We have a 20 year old daughter, Rebecca, who's still at home. Rebecca is in her 2nd year at Cal State Univ. San Bernardino with nursing as her goal. Like Chung Sun said when we received Bill's e-mail "not doing to bad for a dead guy!" Regards, Dennis L. Wolf, Redlands, California.


7/1/07 Today I ran into another former classmate:  John Pierson attended Upland High School for 1.5 years and graduated midterm.   He used to live on Red Hill and remembered lots of our classmates, like Cory, Rollie, Gary Katona. He lost his Hielan in a storage unit flood and would like to find/buy another one.  He is also interested in attending our next reunion.   Here is his info: . . .
Elainne Hudson Edwards, R. Cucamonga, California


5/12/07 Many classes are not so fortunate to have someone (several some ones) who care(s) enough to maintain a site and pull the reunions together. The 45th looks inviting. Toni (Class of 66) and I have been married 37 years, Late start on the child rearing (two girls ages 20 and 17) and facing about 6 years of severe college expenses. Retirement not looking possible for a while but grandparent status looks (hopefully) way off. Fighting old age with a vengeance. Thanks again and best regards, Richard “Dick” Leffler, Balboa, California


5/12/07 Thank you so much, Roz, for passing on Linda’s message. I am moved by the pathos of Linda’s losing her husband, touched by the grief, and delighted with the spontaneous serendipities of the tour of Old Town …and wishing I could have joined the process …especially remembering the 25 cent movies at the Grove Theatre …as I recall double features …two movies for the quarter! And dizzy and near blindness as I staggered back into the late Saturday afternoon sunlight! I am sorry that Linda lost her husband Gene…and glad she can now begin living again. Sometimes I teach on loss and grief and her story is a powerful one that reflects grief’s journey …each journey unique and yet with some shared dynamics. Can you pass this on to Linda, please? Thanks! And thanks for the heads up on the month for the 45th…do you know the weekend yet? With my teaching I have to plan way ahead but if I have enough lead time then I can make sure I schedule my weekend classes to allow me to join the celebration. Rand Michael, Portland, Oregon


5/11/07 Hey Roz, I'm back. I know I was "gone" for 2 years and 4 months. When my husband Gene died, basically so did I. I really had everything in the world to live for, two great children, 6 wonderful grandchildren, a beautiful home, money, anything anyone could ask or hope for, but I was alone. I had a life changing experience in January and now am able to think, feel, learn and be "alive" again. It has been 2 years and 8 months now of being alone. Two weeks ago I was in California visiting my still best friend Katie (Marsh) Martinez class of 65 in Irvine. We had a great time and it is as if we were never apart. (This is eerie, she has the same book on her Grand Piano that I have on my Grand Piano opened to the same piece) We, myself, Katie, and her sister Violet Marsh, class of 63, went up to Upland to see our old houses, churches, and where all of our parents are in the Ontario Mausoleum. We were also able to experience the celebration of historic downtown Upland. When we were there it was great! We were walking around and talking about things we remembered and a man that was the man in charge of the celebration heard us and got caught up in our conversations about the things WE were excited about seeing again (Especially the old Grove Theater - our 25 cent shows :)! Another man, in his 80's I think, heard us also and wanted to show us to the museum. We just loved experiencing the Old Town Feeling again! This is the way towns should be, but as we all know, it just isn't this way anymore. We were treated like royalty and introduced to everyone on the street that we ran into - it was great! Anyway, really wanted to connect with more people and go to the High School when there but just didn't have the time! Please let me know when the next reunion will be because now I am able to live and experience life again - and life is good! Please e-mail me at my normal address when you get a chance -and you can share this with others if you wish. It is a great feeling as I say "I'm back"! Praise God for finally showing me that life is again worth living. I will never get over losing my husband Gene of 38 years after only 2 months of illness but at least I can go on now. I may never love again, but at least I can live again. Hey Roz, thanks for listening! Also, if any fellow classmates were in Vietnam, please check with VA if they have ANY health problems. My husband died from AGENT ORANGE related diseases. He was buried with full military honors and I was presented with the Flag of The United States of America in his honor! If you check the website for AGENT ORANGE you will find there is an unbelievable listing of diseases that are caused from this horrible spraying of Agent Orange - things that you would never imagine could be caused by this. You can ask your doctor for the test or contact VA direct. PLEASE! Linda Galloway Butler, Vancouver, Washington


12/15/06 Hi Don, You are really a voice from the past. It is so good to hear that you are with us. Despite rumors to the contrary, I still have a pulse and am not yet at room temperature. My e-mail address is: [Note: contact us for Jaak’s email address]. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a merry Christmas and happy new year. Jaak Sepp, San Diego, California.



12/15/06 I am probably the one who started the rumor of Jaak's death, based on information I received many years ago from his sister (I thought).  Jaak, you saved my life on that warm morning of graduation day back in 1964.  What is your email address? Regards, Don Hornbrook, Rio Rancho, New Mexico



12/13/06 Hi, Roz. Whereas for me, I am alive and well (fortunately) but still would like to be remembered…while I am still sojourning this terrestrial ball! J Rand Michael




12/13/06 Hey Roz, I had seen Jaak's name as a new member to classmates so I emailed to find out if maybe it was his sister. Turned out to be Jaak. Just got this message: “Hi Richard, The news of my demise is premature. I am alive and well and living in San Diego. Jaak”. I hope his name can now come off the Memories' List. Thanks, Richard Sura.



10/12/06 Thank you for your hard work to keep the Class of 64' informed...I appreciate what you are doing! Ray Gonzales---Class of 64' graduate




9/29/06 So great to hear from you again. Thank you for updating our info. Rod and I did go into the class website and we did read about Cory and Mary Frances. Rod had dated MF and it really hit him hard. I called Vickie Piatt Aylor but could only leave a message. She was such a dear friend to me in high school. Rod is going to see if he can find a nice, simple job up here in these retirement years. If you ever think you would like to combine our classes for the 45th reunion that might be fun. Our classes seem to know each other very well. Love, Judy Temby Middleswart


8/31/06 I believe Dennis Wolf died shortly after our 10 year reunion. Pattie Giardina Potter (Note from Roz. Does anyone have information on this? Thanks)




4/21/06 Thank you so much for forwarding the information on MF's passing. It always grieves me so much to hear of our classmates passing on. Though we are definitely all older we are still too young. I can't believe that most of us are turning 60 or are already there. I do hope that we are going to have a 45th. Thanks again, Cheri Jaeger Potechin



4/15/06 Just to let you know, I retired October 14, 2005 and have moved to Florida. Ed Simonsen




4/14/06 I am in Anchorage, Alaska at the moment trying to obtain a position as a teacher of young Alaskan Natives. I will let you know. Thanks for writing, Jim Rush




4/13/06 All is well here in Burns, Tennessee.  I was blessed when it came to the recent weather here in Middle Tennessee (hurricanes). I'm slowly getting settled, and doing quite a bit of landscaping and remodeling. . . . thanks again for keeping me updated on classmates and events. Sincerely, Jane Skewis Harris



10/31/05 I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Mike. He was such a neat guy and I will always hold the wonderful high school memories of him in my heart. My prayers and thoughts go out to Mary and the rest of Mike's family. Guys, everyday is important. Live it to the fullest. So good seeing everyone last year at the reunion. Can't wait until the next. Take Care, Suzie Pavsek Buse



10/10/05 Thank you for your web site. Saw that I was among the missing for my class and thought I would let my fellow class mates know that I am alive and no longer want to be among the missing. My name is Keith Miller class of 1964. Living in San Diego Married & divorced one Daughter.  Hope I can now be considered no longer lost.



4/30/05 Hi Everyone: 13 Months ago I started this Alumni list. I was originally going to create something nicer like classmates.com. I met a lot of nice people along the way. Mike Shinn was one of the first. He already had sites for the class of 1996, 1997 and 2002. I was going to start the class of 1965 and eventually all classes. Mike said he was going to do the same thing for all the years. It didn't matter to me who did it. I just wanted to see it done. I didn't want to wait, so I started getting names and e-mail addresses together anyway. Mike said we could combine them when he got his site ready. Well, after 13 months Mike Shinn's site is finally ready. Thanks Mike. Just in the last few days he has added all the classes. I'm excited and you will be too. Wait til you see this site, you can even add pictures and profiles. It's better than Classmate's and it's free. I also want to thank Rosalind Thomas, now Heaps, Class of 1964 and Betty Moore, now Stelmah, Class of 1961 both of which have helped me enormously. I need to thank each and every one of you who got on the list. Thank You. When you go to his site look for, "IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS SITE, PLEASE ADD YOUR PROFILE". Just click on that and you will be there. There will be no more updates from me. But, I will be keeping the file and list intact on my computer. http://uhs.mikeshinn.com/ Thank you Joe Mannella Enjoy!!!


4/28/05 Hello again. More update for the curious. I flee from time to time to Grants Pass (also Peru) for regeneration and head clearing. Peru? I lived and taught English there. Grants Pass? I chase deer and plant oak trees, bask in the warmth of a wood stove and check the remainders of the pigeons I raced. In my travels I have earned a B.S. in Spanish and an M.A. Ed(TESOL). I was in So. Cal in '92(3 days) but shortly fled Calif. for Oregon. I like the rain! From time to time I review the pics of reunions etc. and remember a couple of parties here and there. My address is: Gresham, Oregon 97030. It's only a mail drop though. Cheers. David Swihart (Note from Roz. Because of not wanting to put address on the internet, please contact us to obtain any classmate’s address - Aug. 2007 note from Roz. the mailing address David gave us back in 2005 is no longer valid. David, we would love to hear from you and get an updated mailing address & email address)


4/28/05 Hello to someone out there. David Swihart or as you list me Donald David Swihart which should be Donald David Swihart, Jr. I am alive and kicking. I live in Oregon and enjoy the rain that bothers some. I spent time overseas in the U.S. Army, Peace Corps and studying Spanish. Have been an English and Spanish teacher. I am an interpreter and travel from time to time to Peru or Mexico and spent time overseas in Korea, South America, Mexico and Japan. I look at the info from time to time just to see what is happening. I doubt I would attend a reunion but send wishes to all. Cheers to all. I am still kicking. David. 


4/25/05 Hi, Hope this message finds you in good health. Rich and I were so shocked to see the news of Joe Hughes passing. Do you have any information on his death, also is there an address to send a card to the family? So sad when we hear the loss of another classmate. Also I noticed that there was nothing next to Irma Schmutz name. She passed away in 1965 I believe in Upland or Ontario, California of a reversed thyroid (not sure on spelling of that). I remember it was in 1965 because I was pregnant with out first son. She was married and had a daughter, it was just a terrible thing to happen to such a young mother. She was in my old girl scout troop from Alta Loma. Well take care, any info you can pass along would be appreciated. JAM JoAnn Nuernberger Meneley


2/13/05 What a wonderful 40th reunion book! Thanks so much for all your hard work. Right now my Mom is reading it, she remembers lots of my classmates. Love, Elainne Hudson Edwards




2/5/05 Got the yearbook earlier this week. A great job by all who contributed!!!! Many thanks. Maybe I can make it to the next one. Cory C. Aylor III




2/1/05 Rod and I got our Reunion Book yesterday and Wow, is it GREAT!!!!!! I would say also that it is the Best Reunion Book ever!!!!!!! What a fantastic job Bob and Judy did!!!!! I noticed that Brian Campbell is missing from your class and I was good friends with his sister Joanne Campbell. I would love to find her. I think she is in Las Vegas and I do not know her married name if she is married. I will try with 411.com also. I wonder what happen to Brian. I know that Rollie Fingers was in Las Vegas also working for a resort and he plans golfing for people. Dick Thoma keeps up with him I think. This is so much fun!!!! I think the committee gets the best time reconnecting with classmates first but I also can see it is A LOT OF WORK AND COMMITMENT!!!!!!!! Love you, Judy Temby Middleswart, S. California


1/31/05 Hi, What a great website!!! I am having such fun looking around it. I must order that video everyone is talking about. Looks like such fun. Hopefully I will make it to the 50th. Thanks for all your work. Sharon Walker Brooks, Oregon



12/6/04 Can you tell I am giving you a standing ovation also??!!!! J Rod and I are really enjoying the video!!!!! Wow, what a great job you and your team did on the reunion. We both wish we could have been there. How wonderful of everyone to be so appreciative of what you did for your class. I only hope we can get something started at this late date for the class of 1965. I did speak with Betty Alderfer but haven’t heard back on how we can get started. I did e-mail her again today. The beginning of the video is FABULOUS!!!! How wonderful to see our campus once again and then how great in the way you had pictures of people who had been in student counsel or held other positions of activity or were in your student “best”. Just great.J Judy Temby Middleswart


11/30/04 Dear committee members: Wow! I just took a look at the wonderful website you are providing . . . caught up on everyone's news and am regretting not coming to the 40th reunion! Hope I last til the next one! It's interesting to see where everyone is living and what career paths people have chosen. After 20 years in Alaska (which we loved) we have been in Western Washington for 10, which is also beautiful and refreshing. I'm retired from teaching and my husband, Craig, has a part-time geological consulting business. When the phone message says, "We're out of state doing geological work." it means "we are either in Alaska or Hawaii." for serious R & R. We usually get together with Cheri Jaeger Potechin and her hubby in Hawaii, so she'll fill me in on all the details of the 40th. Warm thoughts to all of you. Debbie Smith White, Washington


11/17/04 What a wonderful job you have done on the website and the DVD--you and the committee. You have outdone yourselves. It is go great to have a place to check in with classmates and keep current. Thank you so much for all you work and efforts to help keep us all connected. I appreciate all of you. Great job!!!  Sincerely, Carol Papsdorf Hansen, Southern CA.


11/16/04 Thanks. The pix look great.  How fun to be able to share them on the web!  Again, thanks for all of your hard work keeping us all together! With aloha, Eileen Laub Bereki, Hawaii.



10/11/04 It was a wonderful occasion! I was thinking for next time that we could do a group karaoke or piano sing along near the end of the evening of Those were the days (my friend, I thought the'd never end, we'd sing and dance forever and a day....." and/or In My Life is from the Beetles' Rubber Soul Album. "There are places I'll remember - All my life though some have changed....In my life I love you more" Steve Valdez, Southern CA.


10/11/04 Carol Papsdorf Hansen has asked for help in locating an Upland High 1964 Year Book. Hers was lost in her move to Los Angeles and she would like to replace it. Those who shop the yard sales and used book stores in the Upland area, please keep an eye open for her. Thanks, Rosalind Thomas Heaps



10/02/04 Hi Friends, I tried to call the number in the email but I am not able to get through. I was so hoping I could come and was planning to do so.  There is an annual conference in October which I usually attend.  Unfortunately, this year my boss said we have too much work and I cannot go. I am so disappointed. I hope you all have a wonderful time.  I will be thinking of you.  I have so many fond memories of our class and its activities. Warmest wishes, Jane Caulfield Hyman, in American Samoa


10/02/04 I have e-mail Roz numerous times and the message is sent back. We lost our invitation and did not make reservations. We wondered if it is to late to add anything to the book that is sold after the reunion, and also was wondering if you had any information about Elmarie Mayfield, I have been trying to find her for years, probably 39. I noticed that she is on the list of classmates passing. Any information would be appreciated. Have a wonderful time tonight. Give our love to all. Please e-mail us about the books sold after the reunion and if we may add a note about ourselves. Thanks so much. Rich and JoAnn Meneley


9/13/04 I have been looking forward to being at our 40th reunion....however I have had a recent biking accident and the doc does not want me to travel by plane quite yet. Needless to say, I have quite the plethora of feelings. A sidewalk and I got into an argument and the sidewalk won--I broke my femur and had to have surgery...a plate, a pin, and screws. No cast but mobilizing first with a walker and now to crutches. I will be sending my registration form with the info requested as well as a check for the book and the videotape. My greetings please to my classmates. Hopefully, the next one! Rand Michael, Associate Professor, Graduate Dept of Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy Clinical Director, George Fox University Portland Center


9/5/04 The reunion committee has done an excellent job keeping everybody informed and up to date. They should be commended. I am hoping to come but cannot commit until I find out the results of a medical procedure. I would love to see everybody. I can't believe that it has been forty years. I loved seeing all the pictures from past reunions and appreciate the names being added since many people are hard to recognize. It is with sadness that I saw all the people that have passed on in our class. This web site means a lot to me because I no longer have contact with anybody from high school or from Upland for that matter. I am living in Stockton and teaching kindergarten. My school year begins Tuesday with a new class. I lost my husband to cancer three years ago. Life can be so fleeting. Hope to see everybody in October. If not, have a good reunion and I will come to the next one. Phyllis Dean Hensel, Stockton, California


8/30/04 I'm sorry to say I won't be able to be at the reunion after all. Catherine (Vandevelde) Martin and I had thought we would come, but now we'll be in Seattle. My son did get married in Korea July 24th. What a wonderful experience it was to go to his wife's country and meet her family and see her culture! I had a wonderful time. Now they are home in the Seattle area and have planned a stateside reception that happens to fall on the very same day as the reunion. I was sorry to see the conflicting dates but it can't be helped as the reception date was set around the time her family could come over from Korea for a visit (their first in the States). So I'm sorry I won’t get to see everyone but I will be thinking about you all. I'd be very interested in getting any book that's updated with everyone's information. And maybe I'll be able to make the next one! --Barbara Beard Kaye, Oregon


8/10/04 I have been very remiss in responding to our upcoming reunion. No excuses. I will not be able to attend this year, but do keep in touch for future events. I just finished reading the Class-of-1964 webpage. You all have done a wonderful job. It was especially fun reading the "classmate messages" section. Keep up the good work. Like others who have written, I too have difficulty recognizing classmates from the photos. I can't believe we have lost so many of our classmates. I think the last time I saw you it was at Carolyn's memorial service in Upland. I see Louise Gibson, Carolyn's mother, around town. She recently sent me some childhood photos with a note. Apparently, Carolyn and Richard's eldest, Morgan, is marrying a young lady who had Carolyn as her fifth grade teacher; how special. The young lady is also going to be a teacher. Like Debbie, I send Christmas cards to Richard every year, but this past year's card came back. I certainly hope his heart is on the mend; Louise deeply misses Carolyn. Please give my best to everyone, and have a wonderful 40th reunion. Most of all, thank you for all of the years of hard work making our class reunions so memorable and successful. Sincerely, Jane E. Skewis Harris Ontario, California


8/6/04 I just read through the classmates messages and the list of who will be coming. I am so excited about seeing everyone again. It seems like just yesterday that we were at Upland High School. So deeply saddened to see how many of us are gone. Life is so beautiful and we need to live each day to the fullest. See you all soon. A special thank you to the committee for all of your hard work. It is really appreciated. Suzie Pavsek Buse, Northern California


8/6/04 I went to the web page and you and the committee have done a wonderful job. You should be very proud. My problem, I did not recognize anyone but you. Not true, I also recognized Sheila Thacker. Congrats on your hard work and if things change I will call you. Jim McGuire, California



7/6/04 Wish I could be there, but I am back in my classroom teaching at that time. This is my 36th year in the classroom (last 22 years in 6th grade) and I won't be able to attend. I'll keep up to date on the website. Bonnie Kimball, Washington.



6/24/04 The reunion has been on my mind lately - it won't be long now. What will the weather be like in October? It's been so long since I've been in Calif. What will the dress be? I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again and being in Calif. Are very many people coming? From the responses it looks like some people are coming that have not been in a long time. Is Richard coming? I wonder how he is doing. I send him Christmas cards for two years after Carolyn died and I never heard from him - hopefully the worst is well behind him by now. It is still so hard to believe that she is gone. I came very close to getting in a BAD car accident last week - I would have probably been killed - it was really scary. You can be here one minute and gone the next. Be safe and I'll see you soon - can't wait. After the reunion I'm going to Washington to meet a friend and then we are going to Canada for a few days - should be a FUN trip I can't wait. Every time I go back to Calif. it is so hard to leave - it will always be my home. Thanks for all your help
Debbie Griggs Benson, Texas


6/2/04 Don't know if we will be attending the 40th or not because Jeff Thorne just took a position with the State of California as a Medical Technician at the Women's Prison and he has a number of extended training sessions he has to attend sometime during the next six months. Thanks for updating our information. Irene Thorne, Northern California



5/30/04 This is a BIG thank you for all the hard work each and every one of you are doing and have been doing over the years! The timing for this couldn't be better because one of the national car meets I go to every year on the West coast is the week after the reunion just a two hour drive above San Francisco. So one week with old friends and an older brother in Corona and then to the car meet on the way home to Puyallup, Wa. (just south of Seattle). What a great trip to look forward to. Wes Urbanec, Washington


5/18/04 Hi, I would like to get in touch with  Susannah Brown and Laura Livingston.  Is it possible to pass this message along to them. Who ever reads this a big 'HELLO' and I hope to go to the reunion in October but might be in Europe....so I am playing it up to last minute. Thanks, Pamela Nichols, California



5/7/04 Phyllis (my wife) and I will be doing some ministry/clinical and training service in China May 11-June 5, we leave in 4 days. The web page is great. I visit the memorial page - wow, do I experience a rush of emotions and grief! Say, I do not know if I told you but I had cancer surgery a year ago. So far my quarterly checkups are clean of any cancer but one never knows. I wonder how my various classmates died. I do know how Nancy Corliss did, a car wreck on a Sunday morning. She was dating a friend of mine at the time. Alas, life is short! We need to contribute what we can and live with Eternity in mind. Rand Michael, Oregon


5/3/04 I'm planning to attend the reunion in Ontario.  Looking forward to seeing everyone. Pat Callaway Becker, Northern California




4/18/04 Have you heard about the reunion for classes 1958-1968? I've heard thru the grapevine that it's to be in Vegas and is planned for the same weekend as ours but nobody I've talk to knows for sure. That would be a real bummer. Let me know if you know anything and if not lets look into it . Aloha Cheri Jaeger Potechin, Hawaii or California Desert, depending on the time and season of year


4/15/04 It is so good to be in contact again with classmates. Would like to get hold of an old friend, Laura Eggleston Lawson. She is on the missing classmate list. Thanks, Carol Papsdorf Hansen, California



4/10/04 I can't tell you how excited I was to receive the information regarding our 40th high school reunion. I have been out of commission with my computer and have not gotten any information on anybody or anything regarding our class. Can't wait to see everyone. Love, Suzie Pavsek Buse, Northern California



3/20/04 On Friday we bought the tickets!!! Yes we will be there for the reunion. What a gas! I'm trying to figure out what/who we will see in the short week. My mother of course; then maybe some rels; then maybe some old friends that I correspond with, still; then some old haunts; then we will fly out and wonder what it was all about. Will stay at the Holiday Inn for the Friday night and the Sat night. I expect the Sunday will be with Rels. then Monday to Thursday will be to see old friends. Then whoosh we will return to Australia!  Marshall Miller, Australia


1/31/04 I don't know if I'll be able to come or not. My life right now is in turmoil, as my husband walked out on me this summer and we are now just starting into the process of divorce. Not an unusual story, I know; but still after 35 years of marriage this is not a scenario I ever dreamed I'd find myself in. In the meantime sometime soon (as soon as the immigration process is settled) my son will be getting married in Korea and I will be going to the wedding. So my future plans are in a great state of uncertainty. But even though I only went to Upland High for two years, when I think of growing up and childhood "home" , Upland is where I think of, even though my parents moved from Upland 3 years later. Maybe it's because it was the place I left to go to college. But I always remember my time at Upland High fondly. Thanks for all the work you and the others on the committee have done to keep everyone updated and making a chance to stay in touch. Catherine is the only one I've really kept in close contact with, largely because we went off to the same college and dorm and then stayed friends over the years. If it's possible I might get to the reunion just to see everyone else, although I'm not sure how many people really remember me. Hope to see you this fall -- Barbara Beard Kaye, Oregon


1/29/04 Hello. Thank you for keeping me on the list. I really would love to come to the reunion this year. I read the list of missing people and will try to get in touch with Mike Cox to find Lynn and I have an old address for Janet Smith though I have not heard from her in a couple years. I am not sure I will know anyone and no one will remember me but I really want to come this year. Let me know if there is anything I can do. You guys do a great job and it is so much work from a dedicated few. Thanks. See? I finally am getting a little techy..............I have a computer and e-mail and all. Hope to hear from you soon. Beth Downey Hudson, Illinois


1/28/04 Hello, I travel a lot for work, so E-mail works the best for me. I don't know whether I'll be away working in October, but will make every effort to attend the reunion. Nice website. Thanks. Sincerely, Charles Kobrinsky, California



1/20/04 Hi, I think this is your e-mail address and so I hope this form gets to you. I'll send the money closer to the date. I am looking forward to coming to the reunion unless something catastrophic occurs. Rod and I have joined a local gem club, but my interests still lie in collecting fossils. I have always been a "wannabe" (want-to-be) archaeologist. I still work nearly full-time with the college, and am very politically active these days. I'm a site supervisor (like a principal of a school) for one of our college's campuses and am now on our state professional board that creates, monitors education and educational programs for all ESL students in Oregon. Rod and I also have a few on-line businesses we've been busy with our daughter's/son-in-law's national competitions with their horse. Our son's "learning to live on his own" learning experiences (he's a Civil Engineer for the Forest Service now)--numerous projects around the house etc. etc. I also occasionally work for Rigby/Stech-Vaughn. Life is always full of experiences! Anna Ketley Becker, Oregon


12/03  Let me start by saying "Thanks", to you and all the other committee members for all the work you guys are doing in keeping the reunions going. I know it's a lot of work and I really appreciate it. I just got off the UHS 1964 website and it was a gas. I don’t know if you guys had anything to do with it but I had a great time with the pix and comments. My wife and I are planning on attending. I also just received an email from Bennie Omatoy and I think he will be attending as well. I'll tell him to contact you if he hasn’t already. Thanks again, looking forward to the get together. Bill Zabala, California


11/11/03 Debbie, that would be great. Thanks, Dave Svare, Tennessee




11/10/03 Hi David, I think I have an extra book, if you're interested let me know and I'll check. Debbie Griggs Benson, Texas




11/7/03 Hi David, I believe I have my copy of the 1964 yearbook. Do you have resources to get it copied? If so, I would like to do the copying and will need to find it during my next scheduled break from the college. I'm a retired specialist from the public schools, but currently employed nearly full-time with Portland Community College. I have a 5 week winter break coming up directly after Thanksgiving. Please let me know if you're interested. Anna Ketley Becker, Oregon


11/7/03 My only suggestion would be to check with the high school. Terry LaPorte, Northern California




11/6/03 I am looking for our 1964 Year Book. Mine was destroyed in a house fire several years ago. It would mean a great deal to me if I could obtain another. Any info you can provide will be appreciated. Sincerely, David S. Svare, Nashville, Tennessee, “Class of 1964”



11/4/03 Hello, Crew! Thank you so much for all your work through the years on our class’s reunions! You have done a wonderful job! FYI: I have October 1-3, 2004 on my calendar for attending our 40th and look forward to seeing whomever attends. Rand Michael, Oregon



10/25/03 Hi Guys, I just found your website - you guys have really done a GREAT job!! (Wish I could be there to help.) If all goes as planned I WILL be at the 40th Reunion - are you sure it's the 40th? It seems like it has only been 10 but the mirror says different. Hope you all are in good health and I look forward to seeing you at the reunion. Love, Debbie Griggs Benson, Texas



10/03 Praying everyone is doing OK after the horrific fires. Please let us know if anyone needs help and send specifics of how we can assist each other. Janet Burlingame Curtis, California




2003 Alana and I are kicking it around and if I have a good year (financially) we might just swing a trip to the US to attend. Don't hold your breath. It is just a twinkle in my eye. Marshall Miller, Australia.



2003 I'm glad you are so on the ball re: our reunions. You have done a great job in the past - keep it up!! I am really hoping to make this one! Best wishes, Jane Caulfield Hyman, Pago Pago, America Samoa



2003 I am going to try to attend if at all possible, but it depends on what is going on in Korea at that time. Col Linda Stawicki Cunningham, US Army




9/29/03 Hi, By viewing the Class of 1964 website, I can see that this is and has been a labor of love. Thank you so much for all your work to keep us informed and to give us the opportunity to reconnect with others. The only modifications that I could offer would be to (a) list the names of those who attended the reunions and (b) perhaps the names of those in the photos. Since our appearances change with time, I was unable to know who were in the photos. Tina Todd Marzec, Washington