Upland Elementary Photos

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Upland Elementary School, 1951
Submitted by Elainne Hudson Edwards

Row 1: #9 Becky Meza
Row 2: #1 Elainne Hudson, #2 Eddie Fields ?,  #3 Gary Galbraith (died of cancer in the late 1960's)
Row 3: #7 Bonnie Franklin
Row 4: #5  Francine Johnson,  #7 Larry Collier, #8 Claudia Ammons

Kindergarten, 1952, Upland Elem, Mrs. Boyle
Submitted by Bill Zabala & Richard Sura

Row 1: Rebeca Mesa, Patty Chamberlin, Dennie Wheeler, Elaine Hudson, Gary Galbreath, Larry Johnson,
           Claudia Ammons, Allen Carey, Keith Campbell, Eugene Martinez,

Row 2: Wendell Owens, John Perry, John Derr, Jeffrey Klekner, Larry Collier, Carolyn Caindec, Betty Mendez,
           Rita Flores, Harray Bowser, Alford Fields, Ricky Luna, Bonnie Franklin,

Row 3: Sharon Finley, Felix Quesada, Francine Johnson, Billy Zabala, Richard Domers, Kirk Nelson, Susie Johnston,
           Johnnie Lopez, Dick Kuster, Alan Ennis and Mrs. Boyle.

Absent: Linda Lamphear, Jack Davis, Kenny Lee.

1958 Upland Elementary
6th Grade with Mrs. Anderson
Submitted by Prede Middleton

Row 1: Norman Hawkins, Raymond Trujillo, Judy, Sharon Todd, Lupe Martinez, Francine Johnson, Pat

Row 2: Bobby Ybarra, Gary, Rodney Middleswart, George White, Randy Michael, Nemesio, Meza, Susan, Jane Skewis,
           Margarete Archibald, Sharon

Row 3: Anna Marie Hernandez, Ray Leon, DeVaughn Kissick, Julan, Severa Manrique, Ester Ramos, Prede Middleton,
           Estella Martinez, Carolyn Cowan, Kenny Lee, Sal, Tommy, Patty