A Magical Moment!

 Our 50th reunion - a magical moment!

It is Thursday night, a few days after the reunion, Rickie and I are still in Apple Valley.
I stayed awake last night thinking about all that went on.
Everyone looked so great and for just a few days it was as if time had stood still.
No one was old.
We reminisced, told stories, and tried to close the gap on 50 years in one brief encounter.
I could have spent the entire time with each of you but alas it could not be.

I wrote this in memory of our time together.

Days and weeks and years go by
Life seams like it's on the fly
We mustn't let our dreaming die
Let's give the 50th reunion a try

We made a call, we broke the bank
We have only our selves to thank
The time has come for us to start
I feel a flutter in my heart

The chairs were up, the tables set
We hadn't met with anyone yet
As it started to begin
We began to form a tiny grin

The reunion started with a shout
Some of us were filled with doubt
What on earth, have I done?
I'm scared to death but I can't run

We remembered each others names in time
His and hers and yours and mine
It was confusing without a doubt
50 years has warn us out.

We talked of things we understood
Of hopes and dreams and parent hood
Good or bad we checked them all
And by the end we all stood tall

Brought together by common needs
We talked of life, we talked of deeds
Fun and laughter we all shared
We learned our classmates truly cared

Alas its time for it to end
Everyone's renewed a friend
We now go forth to prove our lot
Our time together not forgot

Alex Rota