35th Reunion Messages

Classmateís Messages following the 35th Reunion

Itís been great seeing all my classmates. Iíve been to three of my reunions and I have the greatest time.
Sylvia Serrano Solano

Iím still living in Upland, so Iíve seen a lot of changes. Retired from GTE for three years. Now, I spend my time as a caretaker and volunteer at church and for guide Dogs of the Desert. I enjoy traveling as much as possible, especially cruses.
Ann Wucherpfennig Davis

Though I may not be present in person, I am present in spirit, remembering you all with appreciation and fondness. Do have a great time! Randy Michael

Hi y-all! Sorry I missed the reunion, but hope to be there for our ď40thĒ. My husband and I have moved to the Dallas, Texas area due to Russís promotion and my retirement from the State of California DMV. See you in 5 years! Jill Cutler Pounders

For those that couldnít make it, we missed you. Hope to see you next time. Jack Davis

Itís terrific to get together once a year! Jerry Fagan

Hereís to another 35 years! Pat Callaway Becker

As the makers of some of the most treasured memories in my life, Thank You all for being part of my High School Experience. Lynnette Breazeale Short


Hello to all. Hope you are well and having fun doing something you enjoy. I am doing just that. I graduated (would you believe with honors???) from college in June of '98. After beginning a masters program in Psychology, during which I substitute taught, I decided to enter the teaching profession. I am teaching 7th grade Language Arts and Social Science, with a Psychology elective, in the Etiwanda School District. It is fun, but very challenging, and I would not have it any other way.

I am learning how to RollerBlade, but will not win any prizes. I provide comic relief for my grandchildren as they whiz by. Ain't life grand? Julie Haaland

 I'm sorry I was unable to attend the reunion this year. My husband's health has been somewhat precarious this year. He's okay, but I don't feel comfortable leaving town just now. I would like to order a reunion book. Please let me know how to go about it. Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. People like you are the unsung heroes of human relations.  Susannah Brown Bianchi

I married Marsha Becker's brother Rod Becker. Rod was an all-around Varsity Athlete at Upland High and graduated in 1960. We have lived in Oregon on our farm for over 25 years and our children are currently living in Oregon. Vanessa is a State Director for Rural Health Programs in SW Oregon and is 24 years old. Shea is a full-time student at the Sophomore level at the University of Portland studying Civil Engineering. He is 18 years old and finds living at home less restrictive than the dorms. Both children are athletes with Vanessa participating in Triathalons throughout the year and Shea swimming, playing basketball/soccer, working-out at all-night gyms, etc. Vanessa is getting married in July 2000 to a young man who just completed his Master's Degree in Sports Fitness and Rehabilitation at the Univ. of Oregon. Our new son-in-law is warmly welcomed especially since after their dating a short time, I ran into his car! I have been a teacher since I was 21 years old. I currently teach English as a Second Language both in the public schools (full-time) and Portland Community College (part-time). I do a lot of professional presentations and am considered a "specialist" in my public school position. I will be teaching other PCC professors how to write/implement ESL curriculum in December and have presented at national workshops. Rod is a Psychiatric RN in somewhat of an administrative capacity as a "Charge RN". We have traveled by car without tours/guides throughout Mexico, Canada and Western Europe. I look forward to retiring from public school teaching and working only at the college/university level or designing programs for private industry in the next five years--or, teaching in a foreign country for short terms. Rod and I know that we'll always be learning and working with people and that retirement just means "greater flexibility to do what you want, more of the time".  Anna Ketley Becker

Just a note to let you know what a great job you and the committee did for us and to Thank you. Maybe next time things will work out so that I may help you in the planning. It was a small group, but a mighty one, and I think that a good time was had by all. The location was really good and the food was good to boot. I consider myself fortunate to have good friends like you that can get together after so many years and seem as if we were just together yesterday. Thanks again.  Margie Raya Torrence

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